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Bra Fitting 101:
Find The Best Fit For The Most Support


Is your bra causing you pain and discomfort?

Getting shoulder indents? Is the back riding up to your shouders?

Check out this blog in which we look out the proper fit of a bra and how to find the best fit for you to increase your comfort and support!

CosaBella Bralette Review: Comfortable, Supportive, and Sexy

Looking for a bralette that provides support and comfort without sacrificing a beautiful look?

This bralettte from CosaBella could be what you are looking for!

Chamber of Secrets: Slytherin and Spice Things Up!

Wanting to spice things up?

From lace to mesh to fishnet and sheer,

Braztique has a large selection of boudoir items.

Intimate, sexy and empowering.

Bra Pad Inserts: Balance, Enhance, lift and Fill!

Wanting to enhance your bust? Looking for balance, lift, and fill?

We got the product for you!

Add a little boost and enjoy the perks of these inserts.

Hard time finding a petite band size?

Looking for a bra that fits comfortable and caters to your petite frame?

The Little Bra Company has bras for you,

and even better, 

You can come into Braztique and try some on to find what supports you best!

Care instructions for your Delicates.

Not sure how to keep your Delicate items looking and fitting like new?

Read our Care Instruction for some tips and tricks.

The Dirt on Panties

Let’s talk dirty for a moment!

Cozy Fall PJ's

Fall season to me means cozy, warm, fuzzy, snuggly clothes.

Especially Pj's.

What's the scoop on Cut &Sewn?

Most of us grew up with the notion that padded T-shirt bras are the best bras out there. The more padding the more support right?

But why are there so many Cut & Sewn bras out there? What's the deal with those? Who would want that thin piece of fabric? Can't be supportive right?

Well my fellow ladies, that need over the should boulder holders, I have the scoop for you!

The Best Breasts

Sorry to disappoint right from the bat, but there is no such thing!

Breasts are like fingerprints; they are all different and unique!


Breasts come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes and not only between different woman, but often also between the left and right breast.

Common Bra fitting issues and solutions.

Let’s get right down to it! An ill-fitting bra is super uncomfortable to wear (or look at)

Today we’ll look at the most common problems woman encounter with their bras, and we’ll give you solutions at giving you that great fit instead.

Yes! to Breast Tape

How many of you have struggled with strapless bras?


As an F cup I have tried many times and have also given up many times!

Dresses bought and never worn because I didn’t trust my bra!

But now, I (and many others) have discovered breast tape!

An invention so simple, yet a problem solver for almost every boob related fashion challenge or fiasco!

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