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The Best Breasts

Sorry to disappoint right from the bat, but there is no such thing!

Breasts are like fingerprints; they are all different and unique!


Breasts come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes and not only between different woman, but often also between the left and right breast.


When people think of the “standard” or “common” shape, they think round and full, nipple right in the middle and nice and perky!

This shape is most often seen on TV or in magazines. This is actually not that common of a shape in real life.


So, let’s have an honest conversation about the more realistic “real-life” shapes of our boobs.

Asymmetrical: Where one breast is bigger than the other. This is super common! In some woman this is more noticeable than in others, but just like your face, your hands and your feet, you are almost never symmetrical.

Bell Shape: Like the name suggests this shape is narrower on top and fuller and rounder on the bottom.

Close Set:  No separation or very small gap between breasts. Closer to the center of the chest. Most common set to lose your necklace in!

Wide Set: More space between breasts. Further away from the center.

Teardrop: Round shape with a fuller bottom.

East West: Breast tissue seems to go left & right, and nipples point outward from center.

Cone:  As the word suggest, they are cone shaped instead of round. This shape is more common in smaller breasts.

Slender: When your breasts are narrow and long with nipples pointing down. Also referred to as the “Sagging Set”

I’m sure there are many more deviations from these shapes that fall somewhere in between 2 or 3 of these shapes. As a professional bra fitter, I have seen my share of different shapes and sizes, and the only thing they have in common is that they are all different!


Now what factors determine the shape of your breasts?

Genetics is probably the biggest factor in size, shape, density, and tissue.


Other factors include:

Weight: loosing or gaining weight will change the shape and fullness of your breasts because your breasts are made up of a lot of fatty tissue so weight changes will affect this.

Exercise: Certain exercises can make breasts look perkier and firmer.

Age: Over time we can lose some fullness in our breast tissue. This usually happens on the top part of our breasts first. This can result in what’s commonly known as “sagging breasts”

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: With hormones raging throughout your whole body, your breasts especially seem to be affected to get ready for baby and breastfeeding. These hormones make your breasts swell and they change the way the fat and tissue are distributed throughout your breasts.


Let’s talk about the Areolae while we’re at it! The darker area surrounding your nipple.


Like your breasts, no two sets are the same.

They can change in size during your lifetime.

It is very common for your areolas to not be perfect circles, they are often uneven in size or lopsided.

They come in different colors.


Last but not least…. The nipples!

There are all kinds of shapes, colors, directions, and sizes for our nipples too.

Let’s talk about some variations:

Bumpy: Montgomery glands or mall bumps around the areolae can be noticeable for some and not for others.

Everted: Everted nipples are basically always erect even when not being stimulated.

Inverted: Inverted nipples seem to go inward.

Flat: Flat nipples are at the same level as the areolae, though they usually become erect when stimulated.

Hairy: It’s totally normal to have hair growing around your nipples, some more than other.

Protruding: Protruding nipples stand erect, further than everted nipples.

Bulbous: Both the areola and the nipple are raised

Individual:  One is inverted and the other is everted.


By now it should be clear that our breasts are amazing! And that they can be as unique as your personality!

Here at Braztique we are trained to help you find a bra that fits your unique shape! Bra shopping is not “one size fits all.”

What works for one will not work for another and thankfully more and more bra manufacturers are starting to realize that, and they offer many different fits.

A professional bra store can help get you the best fit and make you look and feel great!

Here for You!

Your Braztique Team.

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