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Cozy Fall PJ's

Fall season to me means cozy, warm, fuzzy, snuggly clothes.

Especially Pj's!

I will admit, when I am at Home, I live in my comfy PJ's.
Off with my work clothes, into my snuggly pajamas watching my favorite show on TV.

Now personally I run a bit cold, so I look for pajamas that cover me from top to toe and the softer the fabric the more I'll enjoy it!

I know many people however that like the cooler fabrics and short sets, sleep dresses or chemises. Pair those with a great Robe or Wrap and oh my, is it ever Comfy!

Does this mean I need to go bra less? What if the Amazon delivery person gets here while I'm chilling? I am just not comfortable letting it all hang loose.

Here come the organic cotton sleep bras!

These things are super comfy and still give me enough support to open my door with full confidence! 
And as a bonus, the breathable fabric just completes the cozy feeling!

No matter your preference in style of fabric, There is guaranteed to be something out there for you to be your most comfortable self this fall!

Here for you!
Your Braztique Team.

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