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The Dirt on Panties

Let’s talk dirty for a moment!

I wish my house was as amazing as my Vagina. The vagina is self cleaning! Oh, how I wish my house was too!

The vaginal cleaning crew is made of a highly specialized army of bacteria.

This “bacterial army” works around the clock to keep your pH at a healthy and balanced level and to chase away any hostile bacteria.

And even though this “bacterial army” is better than the cleaning crew at the local theatre at the end of the night, you can still expect a bit of a smell.

That smell we are all so familiar with is totally normal and just comes with the territory of owning an amazing vagina. (of course, if you notice a new scent that is different then your normal special tanginess, go see a doctor).

Because of the special powers that clean your lady parts, it is totally normal to see a discharge – which may be thin or thick, clear or whiteish - in your underwear at the end of the day.

This brings us to the topic of today. How often do I buy new underwear?

Well, according to the experts it is recommended to renew your underwear every 6-12 months. Because the discharge from your healthy vaginal cleaning will still leave behind a residue of bacteria in the fabric of your panties.

Cotton and other natural fiber panties last on the longer side of this recommendation because they are breathable, and moisture doesn’t build up as much as in synthetic fibers.

Satin, polyester and other synthetic fibers are less breathable and tend to trap moisture like sweat and discharge more then their cotton counterpart, thus should be renewed sooner.

Detergent buildup can also cause irritation to your hoo-hah and ladies, let’s be honest, that’s not an itch that we want to scratch!

So out with the old and in with the new!

There is a reason your basic new panties are not that expensive, it’s because they are just not meant to last generations and be kept as family heirlooms!

Here for you!

your Braztique Team

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