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Care Instructions for your Delicates

Here are some tips to help care for your new items.


Wash your bra after every 2-3 wears. Elastic has a memory, and it needs to get wet (washed) to go back to its original shape.

Hand wash is best and can be simple.   


Just add 5-6 drops of our lingerie wash to a sink of cold to lukewarm water and leave your item to soak for about 20 minutes.

Give the more soiled parts of the item a bit of a scrub with your hands or a soft brush.

When using our specialty wash there is no need to rinse after.


Squeeze out the excess water and lay your garment flat or hang to dry. 


If you are using your machine, make sure to add your garment to a lingerie bag and to use cold water with a delicate cycle. Please Refrain from using the dryer on your delicates.

These tips and tricks will keep your delicates beautiful and in great shape for a long time.


Here for your support,

your Braztique team

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