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Chamber of Secrets:
Slytherin and Spice Things Up!

Looking to spice things up?


Take a peek into our chamber of secrets, and find some sexy pieces for your chamber of secrets.


From corsets to a sheer garter belt pantyhose, a variety of thongs, underwear,  and more, to turn up the heat.


Something sheer?

We have it here!


Something lacey?

This is the place-y!


Our chamber of secrets holds our boudoir and intimate items, with some mood light to enhance your experience.


Looking for something sexy and powerful?

We have a mosaic teddy with a sheer maxi skirt from Dreamgirls, along with other teddy and skirt combinations

PLUS they are available in a gorgeous garnet,

So don't be afraid to get colourful!


Looking for thongs?

We have sexy lacey thongs, keyhole thongs, mesh and lace panties, and boyshort panties  in a variety of colours. 


Searching for a little cinch in your waist?

The chamber of secrets holds a waist trainer along with a nude and black lace corset.


Think corsets are old style?


Think again!

Corsets can be a sexy, empowering article, and great back support ;)

Despite what media has told us, 

You do NOT need to tighten it until you can breathe, 

Adjust it to your comfort level!


So slytherin to our chamber of secrets and find some sexy pieces to empower you!

Here for your support,

The Braztique Team.

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