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Common Bra fitting issues and solutions.

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Let’s get right down to it! An ill-fitting bra is super uncomfortable to wear (or look at)

Today we’ll look at the most common problems woman encounter with their bras, and we’ll give you solutions at giving you that great fit instead.


back band riding up


The band of your bra needs to hold about 80% of the weight of your breasts. It needs to be tight enough to hold everything in place, but not so tight it becomes uncomfortable. When your band rides up in the back it is too loose to hold that weight and your breasts weighing down are basically pulling up the band in the back. The band needs to be snug enough to stay put in a straight line from front to back. At first, a correct fitting band might feel a bit tight, but not uncomfortable and it will make all the difference in your fit and your posture.

Straps falling of shoulder or digging in


Nothing is more annoying then constantly pulling up your bra strap. Reaching in your shirt with that one hand, looking around to see if anyone is looking, stealthily reaching in your shirt, and pulling it back in place so your one boob doesn’t look like its seen better days. Now, us women can be true 007’s when it comes to garment adjustments, but should we have to?

No, there is a better way! One of the most common issues is that the band of your bra is too big. The bra is constructed to fit a certain way and if you’re wearing the wrong size bra, its parts are also hitting you in the wrong places. Bra straps will be more off set to the side of your shoulder in this case, making them more prone to fall of the ends. Also, when your band is too loose, the straps are needing to do all the heavy lifting. The weight of the breast will pull down on the straps instead of being supported by the band. This puts a lot of weight on your shoulders and the straps will be digging in all the wrong places and can even be painful.

A rule is thumb is, the bigger the breasts, the wider the straps should be. The weight needs to be divided over a bigger surface to protect your shoulders and to keep everything is place. If straps are too narrow, they may dig into your shoulders and become very uncomfortable.

If you have checked all these points and you’re still experiencing the slipping strap. You might simply have sloped shoulders, look for bras that have the straps more in-set, avoid wide-set straps (like balconette style bras) Look for bras with a J-hook you can link together creating a racerback look, or add a strap hero or shoulder cushion that acts a non-slip strip on your skin.

Double-Boobing or Side-Boob

Yes, we seen it and most of us have had “the look”. Looking in the mirror and uh oh, there are 4 bumps instead of 2. This ‘look’ is totally preventable! Double-Boobing usually happens when the cup is too small, or the style bra is not suitable for your breast type. When doing a bra fitting, we look at certain things to make sure you are in the right cup size. The gore (center) or the bra should fit you on the breastbone (or close to it) The back end of the wire should fit you behind the soft breast tissue, your cup should be filled, but not spilling over. All these rules also apply to prevent Side-Boob. Sometimes you would have to try a different style bra to see the difference it can make. With a well-fitting cup and the right band size your bra will lift and support you nicely. No need to squeeze them in and strap ‘em up there to get cleavage, different designed bras will do different things to the shape of your breasts and the cleavage you show. Dare to try something new!

What’s wrong with my bra?

The wrong size bra can present itself in many shapes and forms, let go through some of them.


Wire poking:

This usually means your cups are too small and the wire now hits you in the soft part of your breast tissue instead of behind it. If your band is too loose it will also move the wires more forward and this can cause the same issue.

The Gore is not flat on my breastbone:

You are not wearing the correct size, or that particular bra is not the right fit for you. A gore that is ‘poking out’ can break, bend, or even go through your bra and poke you! This is not a good situation. We want the gore to fit on the breastbone to separate boob A from boob B. You might need to find a bra with a lower gore if your breasts are very full and close together or you might need to try a bra with a deeper cup.

Cups that wrinkle:

This usually means one of two things. One, the cup is too big, and you need to try a smaller cup size. Two, you are shaped fuller on the bottom then the top and you need a bra style that compliments this. Look for a balconette style or try a cut and sewn style bra. It can make all the difference.

Boobs that fall out underneath:  

Nothing is worse than reaching up to grab something from your cupboard or shaking your hands in the air while you’re dancing and whoops…there they go! This too is a sign you’re not wearing the correct size bra. If there is too much room in the band, or not enough room in the cup then gravity dictates where the breasts go. Follow the fitting tips you’ve been reading, and this too can totally be prevented!

Come see us at Braztique for a professional bra fitting and we can tackle all these issues and get you in the best size and style tailored to your unique shape!


Here for your support!

The Braztique Team

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