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What's the scoop on Cut & Sewn?

Most of us grew up with the notion that padded T-shirt bras are the best bras out there. The more padding the more support right?

But then why are there so many cut & sewn bras out there? What’s the deal with those? Who would want that thin piece of fabric? Can’t be supportive right?

Well my fellow ladies, that need over the shoulder boulder holders, I have the scoop for you!

Cut and Sewn bras are amazing and create great support! Even more so for us ladies with the bigger sweater stretchers!

Every time you cut a piece of fabric and sew it back together with a nice seam it actually becomes stronger! (Think of your grandma’s old quilt, you can’t kill that thing even if you wanted to)

The more seams, the more support. Most Cut & Sewn bras are made up of 3 pieces sewn back together and besides creating great support for your Lady mountains, it also helps with shape.

Padded bras are pre-shaped. You either fit them great or it becomes this awkward meeting of fabric and skin and no amount of jiggling is gonna fix what’s going on there.

With a Cut & Sewn bra, instead of the bra shaping your breasts, your breasts shape the bra! This creates a more natural look and is very comfortable as well.

Another great plus in the pro column of Cut & Sewn bras is the fact that the thinner material is usually more breathable, thus less chance of switties or swoobs.

Boob Sweat is real and the thin skin underneath our airbags can get irritated quickly so more breathable fabric can help reduce some nasties!

Now like most ladies, my nipples can totally poke someone’s eye out when it’s cold (although, you’re probably too close if this would actually happen)

But there is a little trick! Place your nipple behind the meeting of the seams, the intersection as you wish. Most Cut & Sewn bras have a thick enough seam to withstand the ice-age! So, your poky nips will not be a danger to those around you.

Also, these little numbers can come in so many great colours and sexy lace detail that you are going to be surprised with your new look once you try one on (in the right size of course.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dishing on Padded T-shirt bras. They still have a great function in society. They create a smooth look, especially under thin shirts, so if that is your goal, by all means! Find a great padded bra that complements that look.

However, for your everyday support and comfort, or to feel secretly sexy underneath your work clothes (may that be a business suit or coveralls) I highly recommend trying one of these Cut & Sewn bras!

Here for you!

Your Braztique Team.

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