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The Little Bra Company:

Wide Range of Options for Petite Sizes!

Have a hard to find petite bra size? 


Struggle with not being able to find a smaller band size, or wondering if companies even make  them?


The Little Bra Company has you in mind.

They produce bras in harder to find sizes, with the shape and style tailored for smaller figured women. The proportions are specifically for petite individuals so they are able to find a bra that fits and supports them comfortably.


And what a difference it makes.


In my own, very long,  journey of finding a bra, I've encountered many band sizes that allow the band to come up, and even on the tightest setting of a 30 band, it was not fitting… 


at all


It was getting frustrating and discouraging.




I got a chance to learn about The Little Bra Company, and it sounded a little too good to be true.


So, I took my measurements, and looked at the measurement guide for their bras, which is super helpful since it is in petite proportions,

and got the corresponding size in one of their bras.


I choose to try the style Iris in olive, which has a demi cup, a pushup element, and convertible straps. 


Another extremely interesting component of their bras is that you can choose a wide set style, or close set, depending on how many fingers can lay on the sternum before the breast tissue.


Their guide makes it extremely easy to find a style and size suited to each frame.


The first day wearing the bra, I noticed a significant difference, 


I was comfortable, and not having to readjust constantly due to a band size too big,


And I wasn't spilling over the cup, nor leaving an empty cup.


My posture even improved since I wasn't worried about the band slipping up half over my chest.


Plus, it was not another bralette, 

I had the option of wearing a wired bra that was comfortable and fit!


The bra is good quality, comfortable, and well-fitting.


It’s a company full of great options for petite figures,


So if you feel like you have exhausted all options for trying to find a bra fit for petite frames,

Or if you  have stuck to bralettes in fear of not finding options,

Or haven't had the opportunity to wear one of these bras,

give The Little Bra Company a try!


Here for your support,

The Braztique Team

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