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Bra Pad Inserts:

Balance, Enhance, lift and Fill!

Looking for a little lift and boost?

Looking to balance out your bust and enhance your cleavage?


Bra pad inserts could be your most useful weapon, and the crime? Looking lifted, enhanced, supported and shaped!


Braztique currently carries three types of bra pad inserts from the brand bravo. 


We carry the Shaper Plus, Ultra Shaper, and Full Push Up.


The Shaper Plus is specifically great for petite busts size. It pushes upwards to help fill the cup.


The Ultra Shaper Pushes upwards and inwards for instantly enhanced cleavage.


Lastly, the Full Push up gives you even more  push up for greater cleavage.


Bra pad inserts, often referred to as cookies, can be ideal for adding balance to even up shape, enhance by adding a cup size, lift and fill for adding shape to sports bras or other tops, along with adding style for your desired silhouette.


These inserts can be pinned, sewn or simply placed into a variety of articles, including swimwear, bras, and dresses!


PLUS, they are equally great to use in strapless options!


In terms of care, it is recommended to hand-wash with mild soap and warm water then air dry  if they have been in salt water or chlorinated water.


They are available in a nude beige colour at Braztique, so you don't have to worry about bright colours peaking through!

If you are looking to perk things up, these inserts would certainly have their perks.

Here for your support,

The Braztique Team


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