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Bra Fitting 101:

Find The Best Fit For The Most Support

For years, I have worn the wrong bra size. And for years, I’ve HATED bras, and bra shopping.


But then, a glorious moment, a life-changing occurrence.


I had the opportunity to get fitted, and learn how to tell if a bra fits properly. From that point on, I was no longer in constant pain of the wire stabbing me, or the straps digging in creating indents that over time, I am sure would become permanent. The back strap not riding up to my shoulder blades, and an actual sense of support,




I went from despising bra shopping, leaving frustrated and in discomfort, to actually enjoying it, looking forward to it even.

Turns out that bras are not to blame, but the improper fit.


Ensuring a bra fits you properly is extremely important, and definitely offers a new perspective as well as a new sense of comfort that is VITAL for anyone who wears bras.



Let's Talk Measurements Because Size Matters!


It’s time to get your measuring tape out!

Keep in mind that it is NATURAL to have one breast fuller than the other. When checking how a bra fits, fit to the fuller breast.


The first measure you want to consider is your band size.

To do this, you will want to wrap the tape measure around your torso just underneath the bust, ensuring that the tape measure stays straight the whole way around.

You could get a friend to help you,

Or come into braztique for a fitting and try some bras on!

No appointment needed!


Then write down the number the tape comes together at, looking at the inches side.

(for example, 34 in)


Next, we want to measure the fullest part of the bust, in inches, ensuring the tape measure stays parallel to the ground, and take note of the number. (Lets use 38 inches for example)


To find your cup size, you are going to take the bust measurement (we used 38 inches) and subtract the band size (we used 34 for an example) and take the resulting number, which will correlate with the letter of the alphabet however many numbers in.



Using our example numbers: 38-34= 4

1=A 2=B 3=C 4=D (...and so on)


Someone who had the measurements we used would be fit as a 34D.


When checking how a bra fits, it is important to adjust the straps to allow about 2 fingers in between to ensure the straps won’t be digging it, or to where you like best.

The back should remain parallel to the ground, and the breast tissue should not be spilling over, or leaving an “empty cup”


The wire should ideally come behind the breast tissue, but not so far that it is stabbing into your armpit.

The Gore, sometimes called the bridge, should rest flat against your sternum.




-when trying on a bra, bend forward and shimmy, or move our breast tissue to the front

-if you fall in between inches, round up!

- Use Braztiques Fit guide right on our website for a reference guide

-Try on a variety of styles, you never know what you may fall in love with (I’ve had many people who never thought they could wear a cut n sew bra absolutely love the style, and dont worry, nothing will show through if you choose the right one for you!)




Comfort is priority


Technical measurements are a good way to get an idea of what the best fit for you may be, and certainly a good starting point.


Personal preference matters.


If you try on a bra that is in your size and doesn't feel right, you can go with a sister size, or adjust the size slightly where needed until you find the best fit for you.


Someone can fit you to our technical size, and tell you what looks like it fits properly, but they cannot feel it for you, and your comfort is a priority.



Troubles finding your size?


Braztique carries cup sizes A-M and offers different styles so we can find something for everyone.


Loving a bra, but would like a colour we do not currently have in store?

We can go through the available colours and order it for you!



All in all,


I hope you will use this wisdom in finding yourself the best fit, and hopefully a life changing fit so that you can spend your days being a confident, comfortable and supported queen!



Here for your support,


The Braztique Team

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