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Yes! to Breast Tape

How many of you have struggled with strapless bras? As an F cup I have tried many times and have also given up many times!

Dresses bought and never worn because I didn’t trust my bra!

But now, I (and many others) have discovered breast tape!

An invention so simple, yet a problem solver for almost every boob related fashion challenge or fiasco!

You can lift and create cleavage, place them in the perfect spot for your special garment, you can minimize and reduce movement, you could even use with a swimsuit!

It also works for every size and lasts up to 8 hours. We are loving this simple yet versatile product!

How to use:

  • Before anything else, make sure your skin is clean and dry.

  • Cover your nipples!!! I can’t make this clear enough, no tape should ever be applied directly on the nipple or areola, this part is too sensitive. Make sure you apply a special nipple cover/pastie first, then tape overtop.

  • Make a plan! How do you need to apply the tape to get the look you want? Where does is need to start and stop to work with your garment?

  • Follow your plan and pre-cut the tape. This way, you won’t waste any unnecessary tape and you don’t need an extra hand to cut tape while trying to hold everything in place while applying.

  • Place one end of the pre-cut tape on the side of or under your breast. Don’t start in the middle, it can make your shape lumpy! Gently stretch and affix to skin.

  • Remove any excess tape with scissors to achieve the best look under your outfit.

  • When removing, it is best to use a moisturizer or coconut oil to weaken the tape. Slowly pull the tape off your body.

Our Breastie breast tape comes with instructions, but the internet is also buzzing about the fantastic purposes of breast tape and many tips and tricks are available online. Here are some examples on how to tape your breasts











So the next time you can’t find that perfect strapless bra to go with your special outfit, Give Breast tape a try, you’ll be sure to love it!

Here for your support!

Your Braztique Team

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