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CosaBella Bralette Review: Comfortable, Supportive, and Sexy

If you are anything like me, a comfortable, supportive and beautiful bralette is a dream and a half,

and tragically hard to find, unless you are looking in the right places.


I have been quite partial to bralettes, whether it is under a sweater, or used as a cute top with jeans and a leather jacket, or even with sweatpants as a working moment. 


Finding a bralette that I don't need to consistently readjust, and that I can adjust to the best fit for me seemed like a far-fetched goal, unattainable even.


HOWEVER, I was wrong.


I was immediately drawn to a bralette and panty set from the brand CosaBella while in Braztique. 

Although there was a variety of styles and colour, all extremely pretty,


I went with a bralette that is black with a rose gold floral pattern.


It's feminine, sexy, elegant and most of all, what I have been searching for.


The straps are able to be adjusted for your comfort, 


AND, the back features various hooks so you can adjust the band to best fit you!


The lace pattern is simply gorgeous and I have not had a problem with it showing under clothes, or showing through.

The way the top is shaped creates a heart like illusions that offers support and coverage at higher points, which also aids in the supportive feeling.

Trying to create a mental picture?

Let me just show you, because this is one you NEED to see!

Ta Da!

A beautiful bralette set.

Braztique Carries this set in store along with other great finds from CosaBella.

CosaBella is an Italian brand, which Braztique imports from Italy!

And yes, this bralette may just make you feel like sipping on a glass of your favourite vino as the eevening approaches.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who likes a good bralette, would like to try a bralette, or like me, someone who uses braletttes as a go-to.

Here for your support,

The Braztique Team

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